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                1. What does the woman think of cloning?

                A. It has no side effect at all. B. It should be strictly forbidden.

                C. It may cause trouble for humans.

                2. What's the possible relationship between the two speakers?

                A. Friends. B. Husband and wife. C. Teacher and student

                3. What do they hope to do?

                A. Stop cigarette production. B. Advise people not to smoke.

                C. Stop young people smoking.

                4. Who are they talking about?

                A. Their Chinese teacher. B. Their history teacher.

                C. Their politics teacher.

                5.What does the man think the weather will be like in April?

                A. Cool. B. Hot. C. Windy.




                6.Where is the woman probably going this afternoon?

                A. To the library. B. To a swimming pool. C. To a professor's class.

                7. What will the man have to do this afternoon?

                A. Study history. B. Write a poem. C. Finish a paper.

                8. What does Prof. Lowell probably teach?

                A. Literature. B. History. C. Maths.


                9.Whom does the man want to talk with?

                A. Mr. White. B. Jim. C. Dr. Smith.

                10. Where is Dr. Smith?

                A. He is in his office. B. Nobody knows. C. He went home.

                11. Which number is correct?

                A. 77231059. B.77231058. C.77221069.


                12.What does the man want to drink?

                A. Water. B. Tea C. Coffee.

                13. What is the man doing?

                A. Watching TV. B. Writing some reports. C. Listening to the radio.

                14. When does this conversation take place?

                A. Late at night B. In the afternoon. C. In the morning.


                15. Where does the conversation probably take place?

                A. In the hospital. B. In an office. C. In a car.

                16. What happened to the man?

                A. He was caught by the policemen. B. He was attacked.

                C. He was wearing a stocking.

                17. What probably is the woman?

                A. The man's wife. B.A policewoman. C. The man's workmate.


                18. Where is the speaker living now?

                A. In a city in England. B. In an eastern European country.

                C. Ina small town with the speaker's aunt.

                19. What is still a problem to the speaker?

                A. The living conditions. B. The weather. C. Traffic rules.

                20. What is the speaker?

                A.A tourist B.A student. C. A driver.



                閱讀下列放心吧短文,從每題所給的√四個選項(A、B、C和D)中,選出最佳選項,並在答題卡上將該項塗黑 老五。


                Long Beach, a 28-mile area of beach, lies in southwestern Washington, and is generally called

                Long Beach Peninsula. Communities there take you back to old days of a simple life. Here, visitors

                can relax and enjoy the good of a total rest.

                Bird watching

                There are different kinds of birds on Long Beach. It's best if you watch them from a distance

                and don't try to frighten them. The Southwest Loop Route Map can be got through the Long Beach

                Peninsula Visitors Office by calling l-800-451-2542.


                A popular activity on Long Beach is horse back, riding. Two businesses in the city of Long Beach offer guided horseback tours along the beach: Black Country Wilderness Outfitters and Skipper's Equestrian Center. You may also bring your own horse. Among the adventures offered with horses is a wagon ride along the beach, a carriage ride through Seaview or Long Beach, a back country pack trip, or a sunset ride by horseback on the beach.


                RV and tent camping aren't allowed on the beach. Camp fires are allowed within 100 feet offthe

                beach, but must be away from the dry grass.

                Swimming and other activities

                Swimming is allowed, but you must be careful. The waters are very cold and dangerous. Surfing

                is advised only for experienced surfers. Beach driving is allowed at certain areas on the beach. The

                speed limit is 25 mph. Building sand castles, digging sand to find something, riding bicycles and

                flying kites are also popular activities in the area

                Enjoy your trip to Long Beach, Washington!

                21. Which of the following is allowed on Long Beach?

                A. Sleeping in your tent.

                B. Digging sand to find something.

                C. Setting camp fires far away from the beach.

                D. Driving at the speed of30 mph along the beach.

                22. Which of the following might be the best title?

                A. The scenery of Long Beach B. Long Beach, the Longest Beach

                C. Long Beach, a Fantastic Place D. Information about Long Beach

                23. The passage is most probably taken from________.

                A. a travel guide B. a news report C. a travel journal D. a research paper


                I gave the business plan I finished the other day to my husband for suggestions. After reading it.

                he said, "l don't think this is up to your usual standards." I said, "! need more information. What

                doesn't work?" He said he wasn't sure. I then took the letter and. reread it.

                He asked, "How about if I look at it again and make notes between the space?" I agreed. Half an

                hour later I looked at his notes and told him he didn't understand the situation and what I really

                wanted to express. He shrugged and said OK. I took the letter and went back to my computer and

                again revised. As I was writing, I could see my letter improving based on his suggestions. When I

                finished, I proudly handed the letter back: to my husband. He read it for the third time and said, "It's

                still not right but I couldn't exactly say." I was a little angry and then told him I was the writer and I

                had seen some goofy letters he sent out. But I pit:ke6 up my letter and went back to the computer.

                After an hour of revisions, I went back to my husband apologetically with letter in hand. I told

                him I was sorry for what I'd said and asked if he would please to read the letter again because I did

                value his contribution. Being a very patient and kind-hearted fellow, he once again read my letter and

                declared that it was fine.

                This all leads me to the following. When you ask for advice on a project, be appreciative and

                grateful. Understand that the advice and suggestions you get may be negative. Understand that it may

                mean more work for you. And keep in mind that the final responsibility for the project is still yours.

                So be modest and thankful even if he or she has noted some problems.

                24. Why did the author give her business plan to her husband at first?

                A. To show off her excellent work.

                B. To have him type it on the computer. .

                C. To ask him to make some changes from all details.

                D. To ask him to give her some advice. .

                25. The author's husband shrugged after hearing her words because he

                A. believed in his judgment but couldn't find why

                B. knew there was nothing wrong in the business plan

                C. doubted about himself since he found no excuses

                D. believed he himself was right and knew the roots

                26. We can infer from the passage that the author's husband was _ , .

                A. selfish and determined B. proud and expressive

                C. honest and patient D. humorous and careful

                27. The author wants to tell us that if you ask for suggestions, __'

                A. do accept all suggestions from the givers B. don't get angry if some are negative

                C. do keep silent before taking action D. do be grateful and confident


                Living abroad to study can certainly be an interesting experience but is that alone a good enough

                reason for spending years fm away from home? To make the experience truly worthwhile, there ha4s

                to be a goal-behind the decision to study abroad. This may be a wish to perfect language skills in a

                foreign language environment, or a clever move in your career development. You must. also consider

                the costs, not just of living and studying abroad, but of applying. Most universities now charge

                application fees for international students.

                After considering these points you are sure that you want to apply to study abroad, your next

                step is to choose the right program of studies. Research your choices and select carefully. You must

                do your homework well. Most universities have information online but you can also email and ask

                them to send you more details. You can find a lot of information on school ranking from education

                websites. But read carefully. Different universities emphasize different strengths Don't just think

                about the university's reputation; look for the most suitable for your goals.

                Next, you must deal with a large pile of paperwork. This involves filling in application form,

                preparing your school records, and getting reference letters. Reading the instructions and

                requirements of the universities carefully is of great importance. Sadly, many fine applicants get

                kicked out in the first round , simply because they don't follow ~he application procedure properly.

                Money is another important consideration. Some scholarships are provided by governments,

                others by schools and colleges. This information9 again, can be found on the interne~. If you a find a

                scholarship that is suitable for you, follow the application procedure carefully; ~~e earlier you apply,

                the better your chance of getting it.

                28. According to the article, studying abroad is truly worthwhile because.

                A. it is an :interesting experience B. it is fun to travel around the world

                C. it is an opportunity to develop your career D. all your friends are doing so

                29. A school ranking list tells you .

                A. how much the courses cost B. the names of all the professors

                C. how good the school is compared to others D. where the school is located

                30. What are the three basic steps when you apply?

                A. Fill in the application, prepare school records and get reference letters,

                B. Buy an airplane ticket, read the instructions and requirements, and study.

                C. Prepare school records, do paperwork, and work hard.

                D. Write a reference letter, do paperwork, and study.

                31. The underlined phrase "get kicked out in the first round" in Paragraph 3 means .

                A. lose money in the first round B. fail to get to the next round

                C. get accepted in the next round D. get kicked by a professor


                In an effort to discourage people from using plastics, scientists have been hard at work inventing

                alternative packaging products.

                The idea of using seaweed(海草) to make eco-friendly water bottles has been around for a few

                years. Recently, Ari Jonsson took his invention - a water bottle made from red seaweed - to show

                off at a festival. The bottles will only hold their shape as long as they are filled. As soon as these

                bottles are empty they will begin to break down, though they would be perfectly safe to eat. Ari

                Jonsson's bottles are a step closer to a widely used alternative to the current plastic ones.

                The eatable water container is not the only product to add to our image of the future. Narayana

                Pessapaty has also created eatable spoons. After the success of his spoons, Mr. Pessapaty is ready to

                expand and introduce forks and chopsticks to his menu. His aim is to largely reduce the amount of

                plastic waste, which is a huge problem for waste sites all over the world, It is a product that may take

                up t0 500 years to break down, and recycling companies worldwide are struggling to deal with it.

                Aside from the obvious benefits to the environment, this new packaging is also cheap to produce

                and therefore cheap to buy. Even better is the fact that similar eatable cutlery can be made at home,

                possibly a science project for children or just fun with friends. Why not experiment and create your

                own recipes?

                32. Why do scientists invent alternative packaging products?

                A. To make people's life more convenient. B. To show off their inventive talents.

                C. To change the way we picnic outside. D. To reduce the amount of plastic waste.

                33. What makes Art Jonsson's water bottles eco-friendly?

                A. They can be made at home.

                B. They are cheap to produce and buy.

                C. They will hold their shape when they are filled.

                D. They will break down themselves when empty.

                34. What do Ari and Narayana's inventions have in common?

                A. They are convenient to carry. B. They are safe to eat.

                C. They can be used for a short time. D. They are heavier than plastics.

                35. What can be inferred from this passage?

                A. Home-made eatable cutlery is likely to be popular.

                B. Eatable cutlery will completely replace plastics in the near future.

                C. No recycling companies can break down plastic waste.

                D. It's unsafe for individuals to invent eatable cutlery at home.



                Change is scary. 36 It can go hand in hand with the fear that we might hurt someone

                else if we only think about ourselves: The truth is that you're much more courageous and far stronger

                than you realize. Here are some ways that you can use to help yourself make the process of creating

                change more manageable.

                Make change into small pieces. 37 Remember that as long as you attempt to take regular

                practice towards your goal, such as eating more healthily every day, or walking twenty minutes a day, you're heading in the right direction to make changes.

                Forma habit of keeping a diary every day. Writing a journal every night before going to bed can

                effectively help you cope with the emotional impact of the change process. Go to grab a pen or pencil

                and remember a journal is not for being neat and tidy with good spelling. 38

                Rest is essential to success. Have a rest and take time out to build your energy. 39 If we

                don't give ourselves time to rest, we just end up burning out by the constant striving and worry As

                we don't have the energy to keep going, we have to give up!

                40 . Just accept them! I m sorry to say that unless some people are really secure in

                themselves and truly happy in their own life, they're never going to like your changes. This has

                nothing to do with whether they love you or not. They are just for self-preservation! Therefore, give

                them a little time to adjust and get used to it.

                A. No one else is going to like your changes.

                B. It is a step into the unknown.

                C. Don't try to eat the elephant in one sitting.

                D. Keep repeating your small steps over and over again.

                E. It's a private place where you can speak out your inner thoughts

                F. It's not being lazy to have time out.

                G. Creating change is about building your character.




                People often fall ill because of me. 41 ,they can hardly blame me; it is largely their

                own 42 .A tired person may get 43 especially when he goes to crowded places with polluted

                air A sudden change in 44 is another factor. In hot summer, people turn on the air-conditioner

                upon returning home. They will catch a cold easily.

                My latest victim is an energetic student After school, he played football hard for two hours.

                Though 45 , he still went to the cinema. Then he got back home and took a cold shower


                I seized this golden chance to 46 him. He reacted, trying to 47 me, but I was

                already 48 deep in his throat. He kept sneezing and his nose was running. 49 he put on some

                warm clothes it didn't work, for there were too many of us. Besides, his sore throat kept 50 him,

                and he developed a cough to force me and my family out, but 51 .

                Thenextdayhecouldn'tgot0 52 .He had lost his appetite and was not as 53 as before.

                His mother made him orange juice every few hours for more vitamin C, which would help his 54 .

                For two days he was 55 by his mother. As he rested more, his defense strengthened and I

                began to feel the 56 .1 knew I had to 57 him before long. But I am not the one who gives up

                easily, and I made every effort to fight back. 58 , it was my turn to feel 59 now, for his

                defense system was starting an all-out attack against me. I became 60 and finally my time was


                Do you know what I am?

                41. A. Therefore B. Besides C. However D. Then

                42. A. fault B. duty C. Excuse D. business

                43. A. punished B. blamed C. caught .D. killed

                44. A..condition . B. season C. place D. temperature

                45. A. excited B. hurt C. late D. tired

                46. A. injure B. bother C. destroy D. attack.

                47.A. get on with B. get rid of C. put up with D. take hold of

                48: A. reproducing B. waiting C. hiding D. disappearing

                49. A. Since B. Once C. Although D. Whether

                50. A. reminding B. upsetting : C. comforting D. influencing

                51. A. escaped B. failed C. regretted . D. succeeded

                52. A. bed B. hospital C. school D. work

                53. A. peaceful B. afraid C. active D. happy

                54. A. recovery B. development C. study D. growth

                55. A. protected B. affected C. scolded . D. nursed

                56. A. loss B. operation C. movement D. pressure

                57. A. leave B. catch C. forget D. beat

                58. A. Uncertainly B. Unsuccessfully C. Unfortunately D. Unusually

                59. A. painful B. disappointed C. nervous D. ashamed

                60. A. bigger B. weaker C. smaller D. stronger







                It was a sunny day. A little boy's father was sitting on the couch, drinking a beer while watching

                61 basketball match. Seeing this, the boy rushed to his father and shouted,“Daddy, show me how to play catch!’’The father, staring 62 the television screen, replied, “Let me finish watching the match. Play outside and come back in five minutes".

                “Okay, Daddy!” said the boy, running out of the room. Five minutes later, the boy returned,

                63 (scream),‘‘Daddy, let's play catch now!”

                By this time, the father had opened another cold beer and another match was beginning. 64

                (patient) with the boy's interruption, the dad brought a magazine to his son. On the cover of the

                magazine was a large picture of the world. The father, who was 65 (annoy),began tearing the

                magazine cover into small pieces. Then, the father turned to his boy and said, ‘‘Son, once you put this picture back together, we can play catch, but do not interrupt me again 66 you finish.”

                A few minutes later, the boy returned and said,“1 67 (finish),Daddy! Can we play catch now?”Surprised, the father glanced towards his child, and there 68 (lie) the magazine with

                the world pieced perfectly together in his small hands. The dad asked his child 69 he put the

                world together so quickly.

                70 was simple to put the world together,”said the boy, ‘‘On the back of the world was

                the picture of a person, and once I put the person together, that's when the world came together.’’



                假定英語無月瞬間明白課上老師要求同桌之間交換修改全文字無錯首發小說 作文,請你修改等人靠你同桌寫的以下作文。文中有10處語言錯誤,每句當中至多兩處。每處錯你誤僅涉及一個單詞的增加、刪除或修改。






                Last year, during the summer holiday, I found part-time job, worked in a toothbrush factory at

                night. Not until I experienced it did I realized that it was no easy job.1 went to work when my parents

                were going to bed. On the morning, when my parents were going to work, I came to home to sleep.

                This backward schedule was very tough for me that I often felt tiring. But I am glad that I had this unforgettable experience. Not only is it fun to“rise and shine”along with the moon or stars, but also I had learned to appreciate the hard work of those which are working while the rest of us are sleeping.








                Dear James,

                How are you going? I miss you very much. I’m writing to you to talk about the uncivilized words used on the Internet.


                Li Hua



                1--5 CAABB 6--10 BCACC 11--15AABAA 16--20BBACB


                21--23 BCA 24-27 DACB 28--31 CCAB 32-35 DDBA 36-40 BCEFA


                41-45 CACDD 46-50 DBACB 51-55 BCCAD 56-60 DACAB



                61. a考查冠詞。此處是說父』親正在觀看一場籃球比賽。

                62. at考查介詞。stare at為固定搭配,意為“盯著……看”。

                63. screaming考查非身上謂語動詞。screaming作伴隨狀語,謂語∏動詞為returned。

                64. Impatient考那劉家不知道要多了多少倍查形容詞。由句意可知這,父親對兒子的打斷非常不耐煩。

                65. annoyed考查詞性轉◆換。and連接並列的詞性,所以此處應用形容詞形式但一想到自己背後。annoyed意為“惱


                66. until/before考查連詞。此處意為‘直到/在你完成前不要打擾我 ”。

                67. have finished考查動詞時態。此處表不對結果的強∑調,意思是“我已經完星域成了,爸爸!”

                68. lay考查時態。此處應用一般過去時。There be/lie/exist 均表示“存在、有••••••”。

                69. how 考查連詞。此處指父親問他▲怎麽拼那麽快。

                70. It考查代詞。此處it是形式主語。


                1. found後加a job是可數貴賓名詞,需冠詞。

                2. worked--- working 現在分詞做伴隨狀語。

                3. realized--- realize 部分倒裝,前面有did,後面用原形。

                4. On---In 在上午:in the morning

                5. 把came to home中的to去掉 在這裏home是副詞,故把came to home中的to去掉。

                6. very---so 固定搭配:so•••that••• 如此•••以致於•••

                7. tiring---tired 句意:我感到累。

                8. or---and 句意:月亮和星星。故把or---and。

                9. had--have 意為種群到現在為止“學會”。

                10. which---who 根據句意可知those指人,所以後面的定語從句用who引導。


                One possible version:

                Dear James,

                How are you going? I miss you very much. I’m writing to you to talk about the uncivilized words used on Internet.

                With the development of economy, more and more people become addicted to the Internet and like chatting online. As a result, lots of uncivilized words come into being, which can do harm to our society. On one hand, they are bad for Internet civilization. On the other hand, they influence teenagers’ physical and mental health, which will have a bad effect on their development.

                As far as I’m concerned, it’s urgent to do something to stop their use. Firstly, as high school students, it’s our duty to avoid getting involved in the use of uncivilized words. Secondly, we should call on our classmates and friends to keep away from them and say some kind words. Last but not least, we should report this problem to the related department and ask for some help.

                Let’s work together to create a peaceful and civilized network atmosphere.




                (Text 1)

                M:What do you think of cloning?

                W:No doubt it’s a great invention.But if it’s not properly handled,it may have some side effects.

                M:What do scientists say about it?

                W:They also have different opinions.

                (Text 2)

                M:Hi,Mary.Very glad to see you here.

                W:Hi,Robert,I’m glad to see you here,too.

                M:Your bike is so beautiful.Where was it made?

                W:In China.

                (Text 3)

                W:Cigarette production should be considered illegal.Wouldn’t you agree with me?

                M:Absolutely,if no one produces them,people won’t smoke.That is for sure.

                W:You are right.

                (Text 4)

                M:Do you like our new history teacher?

                W:I’m tired of his endless talking.He never gives us a little time to discuss things.

                M:You can’t say that!He’s a very knowledgeable person.

                W:But I can’t see it.

                (Text 5)

                W:What’s the temperature today?

                M:It’s fifteen degree centigrade.

                W:Another cool day,isn’t it?I wonder how long this comfortable weather will last.

                M:It’s just March.It will be hotter next month.

                (Text 6)

                W:Hi,Dick.Would you like to go swimming this afternoon?

                M:I wish I could,but I have to spend the rest of the day in the library.I have a tenpage paper due tomorrow.

                W:Oh,is that for Prof.Lowell’s class?

                M:Yes,I have to write about a poem we read in class.

                W:That’s hard.How is it going so far?

                M:Not very well.And I also have to study a lot for maths and history,but I don’t know what to do at all.

                W:You know,I’ve been doing well in maths,so I’d be happy to help you.If you like,we can start tomorrow.

                M:Oh,that’ll be great.

                (Text 7)

                M:Hello.Is this Dr.Smith’s office?

                W:Yes,it is.May I help you?

                M:Yes,I’d like to speak to Dr.Smith,please.

                W:Dr.Smith went home this afternoon.May I ask who is calling?

                M:This is Jim White.

                W:Oh,yes,Mr.White.Dr.Smith asked me to give you his home phone number.

                M:Just a moment,please.Yes,what’s the number?

                W:His number is 77231059.

                M:Thank you very much.

                W:That’s all right.

                (Text 8)

                W:Would you like some tea or coffee?

                M:No,thank you.It’s very late now.They will keep me awake the whole night.

                W:Then,what about some water?


                W:Don’t work too late since you are not in good health.You should be careful with your health.

                M:I know,but I have to finish these reports tonight.Our manager will use them at the meeting tomorrow morning.

                W:Can I help you with something?

                M:No,I’m afraid you can’ t.Just turn down the TV a little so that it’s not so noisy.

                W:I will.I do hope that you will finish the reports soon and get some sleep.

                M:Don’t worry.It won’t take me too long.

                (Text 9)

                W:Now Mr.Snow,what can you remember about the attack?

                M:Well,I was working late yesterday evening.

                W:What time did you leave your office?

                M:About a quarter past nine.

                W:Are you sure?

                M:Oh,yes.I looked at my watch.

                W:What did you do then?

                M:Well,I locked the door,and I w as walking to my car when somebody hit me on the head.

                W:Did you see the attacker?

                M:No,he was wearing a stocking over his head.

                W:Tell me,Mr.Snow,how did you break your leg?

                M:Well,when the doctors were putting me into the car,they dropped me!

                (Text 10)

                I have an aunt in England.She lives in a small town.Last week I went to see her family.I really had a wonderful time there.Everybody knew I was coming and it was my first time in England.We had a party in a club.It was wonderful.Two months ago I came to study in England.I didn’t expect living in a city in England could be so much more expensive than in my home country in eastern Europe,and the weather here has surprised me,too.People drive on the left side rather than on the right.I am glad I am still alive because I still don’t know how to cross the street.The English buildings and sights are beautiful.I have never lived in a house before in my life.We always lived in flats,in a two bedroom flat on the fifth floor.If I stay here,it might be possible in the next 15 years to buy my own flat.


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