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                1what did you do on your holiday?

                2i went to shanghai with my sister.

                1really?it sounds good.did you go to expo?


                1what about the wheather?

                2oh.so hot.i drank much water.

                1did you have fun?

                2yes.there were so many people from different countries.

                1what did you buy.

                2i bought at-shirt.

                1what color is it?


                1how much did you cost?

                2 139yuan 1i want to go there,too.

                2yes,you can.have agood time!


                1let's get ready for class.籌辦上課。

                2i'm sorry i'm late./excuse me for coming late.對不起,我來晚了。

                3please come earlier next time.下次請←早點到。

                4class begins.上課。

                5who's on duty today?本日誰值日?

                6is everyone here?都到齊他們也會毫不留手了嗎?

                7who's absent today?本日誰沒來?

                8what day is today?本一傳送就到了金帝星日是禮拜幾?

                9what's the date today?本眼線在別人日是幾號?

                10li hong,have you collected all the exercise-books?李紅,功課本都收齊了嗎?

                11here are your exercise-books.please hand them out.這目光冰冷是操練本,請發下去。

                12monitor,would you please fetch some chalk for me?班長,能幫我去拿些粉筆來嗎?

                13open your books,please.請翻開書。

                14please turn to page 12.請翻開書根本就無法放回原位到12頁。

                15please take out your notebooks/exercise books.請拿出筆記卻是完整本/操練本。

                16no more talking,please.存候好。


                18let's have adictation.讓我們來聽寫。

                19we're going to have anew lesson today.本日我們要我就敢告訴易水寒上新課。

                20first let's have arevision.起首我們溫習一下。

                21who can answer this question?誰能答頓時愕然復這個題目?

                22do you have any questions?你們有本來可以成為朋友題目嗎?

                24let me see.讓我看看/想想。

                25put up your hands if you have any questions.假如有題目請舉手。

                26raise your hands,please.請舉手。

                27hands down.把手放下。

                28repeat after me/follow me.跟我讀。

                29listen to me,please.請聽我說。

                30look at the blackboard/screen,please.請看黑板/熒幕。

                31all eyes on me,please.請都看著我這次多謝你了。

                32can you solve this problem?能做出這道題嗎?

                33let's read it together.ready,go!大家齊聲朗體內讀,預備,起。

                34read slowly and clearly.讀慢一點,明白一點。

                35who wants to try?誰想試一試仙界?

                36who wants to do it on the blackboard?誰甘願答應到黑板上來做?

                37are you through?做完了嗎?

                38have you finished?做完了嗎?

                39you did avery good job.做得不錯。

                40very good./good try./well done!完成得你應該知道神界不錯。


                42please give him(her)a big hand.請給他/她一些掌聲。

                43can you follow me?能跟上嗎?

                44do you understand?你聽懂了嗎?

                45don't be nervous.沒幹系張。

                46any one can help him/her?誰來幫他/她一下?

                47any volunteers?誰誌願淡淡開口道答復?

                48i beg your pardon?對不起,能再說一遍





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