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                The Flax


                A long time ago, there was a flower called 'Flax'. " I am so happy. No one is happier than me in the world."

                A leaf of grass said to the Flax. "You don't know anything about the world. Do you know how painful it is to live here?" "That's not true! I've never seen more beautiful flowers than me. I am so happy now."

                One day, people came and pulled up the Flax's stem. It hurt her badly, but she thought to herself, 'One good day, one bad day. It's okay. Just be brave!' But the people put her in water and broke her.

                "Well, that's all right. I used to be happy. I can get over this little pain.'" After tolerating all the pain, she became great linen. "I am lucky! I became very beautiful because I endured the suffering. I am so happy."

                A few days later, the linen was cut with scissors and pricked by needles. However, the linen endured the pain. After the pain, she became a great suit of clothes.

                "Look at me! I am a great suit of clothes. Finally I became a useful thing." A few years later, she was almost worn-out.

                She had to suffer the pain of being torn into pieces. Then, the Flax became a fine and white piece of paper. 'People write letters on my body. I am so lucky.' Next, she happened to be sent to a printing shop, and then, she was published as hundreds of books. 'I am going to live my life with everybody's respect and attention. I am very happy.'

                After a while, she was thrown away into a bathtub. 'After hard work all day long, I should take a rest. Maybe I will be sent to a better place in the future like the way I have been in the past.'

                One day, the paper was put into a fireplace. 'Ouch! This is too hot! But I have to put up with this for more happy days.' The Flax lived with a joyful and appreciating attitude towards her life.


                scissor n. 剪刀

                例句:Men in ties are liable to have them snipped off by scissor-toting women.


                torn v. 扯裂,撕開(tear的過去嘴巴都長大了分詞)

                bathtub n. 浴缸

                例句:Kind of like tilting a bathtub.

                聽起來像浴缸的㊣ 傾斜一樣。



                解析小學英語閱讀The Flower Greet the Spring


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