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                2019-06-06 10:31:47


                中央電視臺播出的文化節目“朗讀者”深受大人眾喜愛,每一期都對☉我們進行了心靈的洗禮。它第一期等在歸墟秘境之後的話題為“遇見”。你們學校的英語俱樂部也在開展關於“遇見”的分享↑交流活動。請你以“遇見”為題談一談⌒:你何時何地與你的朋友相遇,當時發生了墨麒麟也不由低聲贊嘆什麽,你有什麽∑ 感受。



                I met my best friend on the first day when we came toour school.

                I didnt know anyone in my class, so I sat on my seat in the classroom quietly. Just then, a boy came to me and sat beside me. He started the conversation between us with a “Hi” and a big smile. His warm voice and smile made merelaxed at once. At that moment, our friendship started. We were close and helped each other. We shared our stories and happiness.

                Meeting him was great!




                Dear Peter,

                How is it going?

                Our school is going to hold an activity for students to experience non?material cultures. I am writing to invite you to take part in it. It will be held at the school hall from 2:00 to 4:00 next Thursday afternoon. First, we are going tolisten to a talk about it. And then we are going to learnpaper-?cutting. If you would like to come, you can take a notebook to take notes and some colored paper to make beautiful paper?cuts.

                I am looking forward to your early reply.


                Li Hua



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