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                2019-06-06 11:06:35



                現在全世界都在倡導“低碳生活”(low-carbon life),即:降低二氧化碳的排放,采取低能空間壓力會如此恐怖量、低消耗、低開支的生不斷旋轉了起來活方式。低碳生活對我們大家都有好處,請你寫一篇短文向一家英文報社投稿。內容包括:你的具體做法、你的感受以及建議。

                提示詞語:be good for, everyone, ride a bike, think, make a difference, environment, suggest, reuse


                Low-carbon life is good for everyone.

                To help with the environment, I always walk or ride a bike to school instead of taking a car. Besides, I will try to use things that can be recycled and I never forget to turn off the lights when I leave the classroom. I think it’s my duty to live a low-carbon life. And even the simplest activities can make a real difference to the environment. So I suggest we should reuse books as long as possible. And we’d better not spend much money on expensive clothes.

                If everyone does something for the environment, I believe the earth will be a better place.



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