About the Filmmakers

Paul Kakert is an independent filmmaker from Davenport, Iowa where he owns Effective Digital Presentations and is President of Storytellers International. His introduction to the township of Auroville began in 1998 when he embarked on an international partnership with India businessman, and Auroville resident, Alok Aurovillian. Ironically, they met in the U.S. when the idea to setup the international partnership took hold. That relationship would expand Paul's world from Davenport, Iowa - in the heartland of the United States - to Auroville, near the southern tip of India. At the time it seemed to be nothing more than a business relationship that would provide Paul's clients in the U.S. with access to quality, cost-effective website production. What actually developed was a lifelong friendship and an open door to an amazing community and an introduction to a timely story for the world to hear.

Paul's 18 years of experience in animation and video production are making this very personal and fascinating show possible. 10 years after they began working together, Paul made his first trip to Auroville in February 2008. The timing was no coincidence. The two not only wanted to begin the initial story development of their documentary, but they wanted to make sure Paul was there for the 40th anniversary celebration of the founding of Auroville. Many of the spectacular events and scenery from that trip were filmed during his visit and will be well represented in the final show.

A note from Paul: I am fortunate to have Alok as a co-producer on this project. He is an insightful resource on Auroville. But more than that, we find we have similar viewpoints, concerns and experiences on current world issues that often fuel our interest in exploring new angles on the information presented in this film. It should be noted that Alok and I are the same age (41), which happens to be the same age as the city of Auroville. This has presented a truly unique opportunity to have co-producers who have experienced 41 years of life that share some common experiences, but also contain a world of contrast. As a lifelong resident of Auroville, I could not find a better guide to the city and the people who live there. One of the benefits of having a co-producer who lives in Auroville is the ability to utilize some of their local talent. This website is a prime example. It is being maintained by eVenturers - a web development company in nearby Pondicherry, India that is run by Leo Rajasekaran. Leo worked for Alok during the 4 years he provided services to my U.S. clients. So Leo and I have worked together off and on since 1998 and finally had a chance to meet in 2008. This documentary continues to be a wonderful opportunity to bring together our worldwide network of individuals on a common project.

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